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Master List 2013

Round 1 of Gundam Wing Big Bang has come to a close! Out of a total of 20 participants - 10 authors and 10 artists, 16 made it to the finish. Hopefully you get a chance to read everything and view all the art AND LEAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF GOOD FEEDBACK.

Below is the Master List of links to everyone's work.

Title: Overlap
Author: AhsimwithSake
Artist: Persisting
Pairing: 1x3 (Heero/Jae Hee x Trowa)
Rating: M (for future installments)
Word count: 15,424
Summary: They had dreams, of being a doctor and a musician. Museums in Europe. Applause in New York. Pride. Accolades.

I wasn’t supposed to be here.

But “here” was where Heero and Trowa found themselves: the Pacific theatre, in the sweltering heat of the Philippines. They found themselves in the rough confines of a prisoner camp where, for some, the differences between guard and guarded were small at best.

Cruelty and the worst of mischance brought them together; or perhaps it was fate.

Warnings: Violence, swearing, implied and overt racism and discrimination, torture, physical and sexual abuse
(Please note: future installments will include mentions of sexual abuse, and consensual sexual activity)
AO3 | Tumblr | Art by persisting

Title: With The Dawn Comes The Light
Author: lil_1337
Artist: covenmouse
Pairing/Characters: 3+4 (Pre-relationship), implied 1x2, Wufei
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 16,107
Warnings/Kinks: Angst with resolution, get together, discussion of nightmares, secondary depression, PTSD, and therapy.
Summary: When Quatre falls apart after a mission he discovers that Trowa has the answers, though they aren't always the ones that Quatre wants to hear.

AO3: Here | LJ: Part One, Part Two

Title: The Long Road
Artist: comixologist (ishipitgood @ Tumblr)
Rating: T
Wordcount: 16,295
Pairing: None
Characters: Father Maxwell, Sister Schbeiker, Duo Maxwell Jr., Master Chang, Professor W, Doktor T, Cyrene Wind, OC antagonist
Warnings: Contains coarse language, violence, depictions of blood, death.
Summary: Father Maxwell's seen more in his days than he cares to think about, most time -- and, therefore, generally chooses to put all that mess out of mind completely. Crisscrossing Mars' dusty surface grifting gambler's dens and bringing in bounties may be a far cry from being the chaotic force of nature behind a metal-and-plasma death machine, sure, but it works for him. The Reaper's still riding, it's just gotten more up close and personal; and that one stubborn bounty will go down.
Unfortunately the past has a tendency to catch up whether one wants it to or not, and the good Father's piloting days are no exception. As the political arena heats up, his old acquaintances come sniffing around and don't want to take no for an answer -- and they aren't fussy. The sins of the father can easily enough pass on to the son.

DreamWidth: Here.
Art on Pixiv: Here.

Title: ionone
Author: stargazerlily
Artist: yummy suika
Pairing: duo/hilde (friendship), duo/OC, duo/heero, heero/zechs, heero/relena, quatre/trowa
Rating: PG-13 for mild post-coital content
Word count: 43,000-ish
Summary: my wife was dead. her lecherous brother was nowhere to be found. there was a small fortune folded away between the layers of clothes in my trunk. i was sailing to america, and for the first time in my life, i was truly free.
Warnings: AU (1920's America-esque), slash, use of period-specific slang, mild violence, mild sexual content, deviant behavior (bootlegging, stalking, cross-dressing, etc.)

ionone (on google sites)
yummy suika's accompanying art (on tumblr)

title: Grounded
author: chibi_lurrel
artist: elphie27
pairing: Duo/Heero, Wufei/Sally Po, Heero/others
rating: PG
word count: 17134

Life after wartime is different but not easier. Relena tries to control an unruly ESUN, and Heero and Wufei work world security with the Preventers, still led by Une. The rest of the pilots go their own way -- Quatre learning the ropes of the family business from his sisters, Duo working in space salvage, and Trowa heading to university. It's uneasy but at least it's peace.

After an unexpected and violent terrorist attack on the Mars terraforming project involves a Gundam, the pilots are grounded -- tagged, chipped, and told to remain on Earth until the attack can be solved. Duo is the only one that runs. Wufei wants to know why, Heero just wants to be the first to find him, and everyone's personal relationship drama gets in the way.

warnings/content notes: 1st person POV (Wufei's), generally meandering plot, references to violent relationship dynamics

Fanmix: Gravity Jump by elphie27, on Tumblr
Fic: Grounded on AO3

Title: It's coming Closer
Author: missamberly
Artist: mlcombs
Pairing: 2x3 (Duo Maxwell and Trowa Barton), Quatre Winner, Millardo Peacecraft
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: NSFW, implied coercion, violence, surprise!villian, references to illegal activity, lying, intrigue, violent sex, themes of sexual captivity and ownership
Summary: When Trowa's men catch a thief in the warehouse, the last person he's expecting to see is Duo. The braided pilot won't tell him what he's stealing, or who sent him, but his pockets are empty, and Trowa lets him go—after Duo agrees to a date. It isn't until Duo's left that Trowa realizes that something is missing: Trowa's list of shipment dates and locations.

And so begins their game of cat and mouse, with Duo leading Trowa through a maze of attraction, theft, and assassination attempts. With Duo's help, Trowa's able to stay one step ahead of his mysterious foe...until a mysterious letter arrives, throwing everything on its head and ending with Trowa in shackles, finally caught by the man who wants him out of business—with Duo nowhere to be found.

Art by mlcombs is here. Fic is here.

Title: Holding onto You
Author: Makodreamafar
Artist: Makkura Koyyapi
Pairing: 2X5, 2X1
Rating: R (to be safe)
Warnings: Drug Use, mentions of torture and abuse
Summary: Heero's been gone for three years, two years a file with his name in it shows up on Wufei's desk. Skewing the reality that the pilots had sworn by and shaking their lives.

Art is by Makkura Koyyapi and is here
And the story is here for tumblr and here

Title: One Spinning Second Off
Author: anamuan
Art Title: coffee & scrolls
Artist: stargazerlily
Pairing: 2x5 (Duo/Wufei), 3x4 (Trowa/Quatre)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 23,068
Summary: Wufei owns a coffee shop; Duo doesn't have a secret for baking.
Warnings: canon-typical violence, canon character death(s)

Fic: One Spinning Second Off
Art: coffee & scrolls, inked; coffee & scrolls, coloured pencil