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Big Bang 2014 Entries

Title: The Night Before

Author: lil_1337
Pairing/Characters: Mention of past Quatre/OMC (Pre-fic). Eventual 3x4 and 1x2. Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Iria, OFC, OMC.
Rating: Hard R for description of oral sex
Word count: 16,448
Warnings/Kinks: College AU, humor, mild angst, get together
Summary: Written for the Gundam Wing Big Bang.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, they just let me write their adventures for my own amusement.

Art by Makkura (NSFW) | Art by CPZ (SFW)


Title: Equinox

Author: Miss_Murdered

Rating: Explicit/NC-17

Pairing: Main 2x5 but 1x2, 4xR and past 6x5, 3x5, 6x9

Summary: The Mars project, Equinox, has been taken over by an angry and grief stricken Zechs Merquise. To try and regain control, the Preventers have called in former Gundam pilots Duo Maxwell and Chang Wufei to negotiate but when they arrive on Mars, things appear far more complicated than they first thought. Main pairing 2x5 but others.

Warnings: major character death, m/m sex, angst, violence, bad language

Art by Puck | Art by Nachete


Title: On Love, In Sadness

Author: shisoueimin

Rating: M

Word Count:22,621

Pairing:eventual Heero/Quatre, past Heero/Relena, mention of past Quatre/Trowa

Warning(s): Future Fic, Light Angst, Non-Penetrative Sex, Switching POVs, Domesticity, Fluff, Platonic Cuddling (That Leads To Sex), Possible OOCness

Summary: Relationships grow and change. Nothing stays the same forever. Heero an Quatre find out just how true that is.

Art by Suika


Story claims went out with success. If you did not receive the email with story summaries and you are an artist, this is because you did not reply to emails sent to you or did not indicate that said emails were not being received.

All authors should have been contacted by their artists or vice versa by this time.
In lieu of claiming happening next week, if you are a participant who HAS NOT received any email from me, please let me know before Tuesday so that I can make sure you will receive appropriate correspondence.

If you HAVE NOT received email from me, let me know before Tuesday (comment on this post or email gundamwingbigbang@hotmail.com)

Artist Sign-Ups

Just a reminder that ARTIST SIGN-UPS are on-going until the end of the month. That means there's just over a week and a half to sign-up as an artist. 

Author Sign-Ups - ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT

Reminder that you can sign-up in a team of 2 if 15,000 words is too daunting for you to do by yourself.

Author Sign-Ups

Just a reminder that there's only about a week left for author sign-ups. If you're concerned about writing by yourself, you can write in a team of 2. Sign-ups close on April 30, so please make sure you sign-up sooner rather than later.

2014 Sign-ups Now Open

Hey everybody!

Sign-ups for Big Bang 2014 are now open. Please read through the instructions below and make sure to include all the necessary information. Any missing/necessary information means that your sign-up is invalid and will be ignored.

Once you’ve submitted your sign-up information you will receive an email which will: 1) confirm the email address that you have provided, 2) provide you with important dates throughout the challenge (these will also be posted to the blog and elsewhere).

Sign-ups for authors are open until APRIL 30.

Sign-ups for artists are open until MAY 31.

- If you are signing up as a writing team, please include both author’s information (tumblrs/emails) in ONE submission.
- If you are signing up to write AND do art, please submit two SEPARATE sign-ups.
- Any sign-up submission that does not include all necessary information will not be accepted.

Email address:
Alternate contact (LJ/secondary email/tumblr, etc):
I am signing up as:
Have you participated in Big Bang before?

Gundam Wing Big Bang Round 2

 Sign-ups for round 2 of Big Bang will begin APRIL 1. Below are the rules for this year's big bang. Please ask for clarification on anything before sign-ups begin so I can be sure that everything is as clear as possible before things getting started.

Rules for 2014 Participants:

  • Stories must be a minimum length of 15,000 words. There is no word limit, but you must be finished by the challenge deadline.

  • Stories must be new works, not borrowed from works in progress or from pre-existing story universes.

  • No cross-overs.

  • Can be gen/het/slash.

  • Final works can be posted to: AO3, Livejournal, Fanfiction.net, Tumblr, DeviantArt, other website, but must be available for people to read.

  • Must be beta read and properly edited.

  • Writing teams (2 people max) are allowed.

  • Writing and art is allowed, so long as you feel capable of completing both.

  • Art can be anything from hand drawn to digital art to icons and banners to fanvids or fanmixes

  • All art must be a minimum of 400x600 pixels

  • Fanvids must be at least 1 minute long, and fanmixes must include a minimum of 8 tracks

  • All Big Bang related work must not be posted anywhere before posting is set to begin.

  • Participants must stay in regular contact with their author/artist and challenge runner or be removed from participation.

  • Participants must provide at least 2 effective means of communication.

  • If a participant feels unable to complete the challenge at any time, they must inform the challenge runner before any deadlines.

"Art School" by Isuimi
Pairing: 1x2
Medium: Digital (Photoshop)

In Renascentia Ánimam
by Zethsaire
Pairing: Heero x Duo
Length: 5257 words
Summary: Heero doesn’t talk about what happened to him – ever. He mostly just wants to graduate from art school and pretend that he’s a real person. Duo is the only reason he is even half-way successful. (Modern day college AU)
Warnings: Angst, Mental Health Issues, Depression, Past Child Abuse, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Medicinal Drug Use, Prescription Marijuana, Drinking, Courtesan!Trowa, Awkward Conversations. Also, language. I must stress the angst. There is a happy ending, but Heero is not a happy person, even in this AU. (The non-con is off screen, but still mentioned enough to potentially be triggery. Read with care.)
GW RevBang postapoc crop
"Something Like Human" by Makkura
Pairing: 2x5
Medium: pencil, photoshop

Something Like Human
Pairing: current Duo x Wufei, past and present-ish Heero x Duo
Length: 5044 words
Summary: Duo receives a coded message from Heero and he and Wufei agree to meet him for intel on Dekim Barton. But Heero intends to do more than just hand over some intel and Wufei intends to stop him.
Warnings: major character death, angst and feels – always, language, graphic references to m/m sexual relations, alternate post-series ending – a bit of a “what if” Wufei had joined Preventer after the war instead of the Barton Federation and a reimagining of Endless Waltz